26 April 2016


Buster Levi Gallery, 121 Main Street, Cold Spring, is delighted to announce its May exhibit of paintings by two Japanese artists, Setsuya Kotani and Yoko Yoshimatsu: May 6 through May 22. There will be a reception for the artists when the show opens, on Friday May 6, from 6 PM to 8 PM. These are exceptional artists, masters of their craft and richly creative.

Yoshimatsu, who lives in a village near Osaka (Japan) when she is not visiting the United States, is an artist of eerie power. Her work, typically representing dream-like female figures, recalls in mood and finish two great artists of the French Symbolist period: Gustave Moreau and Odilon Redon. Yoshimatsu has in common with her exhibit partner, Kotani, her meticulous attention to brushwork, detail, and mood.

Kotani retired several years ago as a professor of painting and ceramics from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. His abstract canvasses are subtle poetries with a glaze-like finish, obliquely telling tales of human relationship. The 20th-century tradition of abstraction is alive and compelling in his work.

The Philipstown – Beacon region can be proud to have this remarkable exhibit at hand.

Don’t miss it.