Buster Levi Gallery is pleased to present new work by Tim D’Acquisto and Grace Kennedy at 121 Main Street in Cold Spring, New York. The exhibition will run from November 3 through November 26, 2017.  The opening for the show will be on Friday November 3, 2017 from 6-8pm.

Tim D’Acquisto and Grace Kennedy are representational artists. Yet, neither works in the realist tradition of accurately representing reality as experienced by the artist. Instead, both use elements of their surroundings and other imagery to create works that are enigmatic, thoughtful and at times emotional or emphatically expressive.

Tim D’Acquisto makes paintings that at first glance appear direct, even simple. One or two objects in a room generally painted using flat colors, some objects outlined and the paint applied in a way to stress its physical presence as opposed to the texture of the object. In addition, the objects may be distorted: tables with three legs instead of four or the top of a table may bend into the wall plane. The reasoning behind such distortions is never provided. In D’Acquisto’s recent paintings, at Buster Levi, common objects are used not only to explore compositional and color relationships, but as subtle metaphors. “A ladder may represent ascension just as a broken ladder may be it’s thwarting.”

Grace Kennedy is an expressive artist. Whether it is her landscapes that are characterized by strong contrast in light or her Road Kill paintings, Kennedy’s work is rarely if ever dispassionate. The works in her current exhibit at Buster Levi are no exception. In these works, Kennedy, creates spaces that recall film or photography in the way that they are cropped or employ unusual viewing angles. Kennedy has described them as “stage sets” where she inserts collaged or painted figures. The figures themselves can be severely cropped and when they are not, their interactions seem uncertain. In describing the works in this exhibit Kennedy states; “The works act as visual Exquisite Corpse, since each found addition impacts the next and adds to the general sense of disquietude.”

Buster Levi Gallery is open Friday through Sunday from 12-6 pm.